Monday, June 7, 2010

Crossbomb game


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Are you aware of the Crossbomb game? Have you ever played Crossbomb? Well, in case you don’t know Crossbomb is the evolution of Minesweeper.
How is crossbomb different than Minesweeper? First of all, the intensity of trying to find the mines is turned up to level 11. The game board isn’t always square and you are not confined to three different levels. Last but not least, you are not limited to one difficulty.
If you feel like playing a bit, you can visit the official site of Crossbomb and give it a try.
Please be aware of the fact that in order to play the free online version of the game Java is required.
The web site is easy to navigate and contains all necessary information: about, how to play, download, play now and contact details.
The game is available to download in two different versions from the Android market: the Crossbomb and the Crossbomb Lite. When you choose to give it a try and play online it’s the Crossbomb Lite version you are going to use with only one level.
On the other hand, if you download the Crossbomb version you get the following:
forty unique levels, three different difficulties, two gameplay modes  and unlimited replay ability.
Are you going to give it a try and sample the CrossBomb experience by playing right from your web browser?
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