Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Being in contact

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Boost Mobile. All opinions are 100% mine.
Are you aware of Boost Mobile Services? Boost Mobile is one of Sprint’s prepaid brands and it offers wireless phones and services with no long-term contracts.
Boost Mobile offers nationwide service, reaching more than 276 million people via the Nationwide Sprint Network and more than 277 million people via the Nextel National Network. And it offers all the above with no activation or long distance fees.
Three methods of payment/Re-Boost are available: in person (to a re-boost location near you), on-line (by using a credit or debit card) and by phone (setting up a worry-free automatic payment, making a one-time payment and registering your card for future payments). It is very simple!
We all know how important it is to connect to all the social networking sites (like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, etc.) and update the relevant information very often. Now, with Boost Mobile we can do this via the mobile phone. It is really something valuable to be able to be in direct contact with your peers (family, friends) and your clients. I recently contacted a person in another country via mobile update on Facebook. It should be mentioned that Boost Mobile offers unlimited connectivity to Facebook on a monthly payment.
You can also choose a mobile phone such as the Blackberry Curve 8330 smartphone for only $149.99.
The activation process for the service is easy: you help them identify your phone (via an IMEI and a SIM ID number, or an ESN/MEID number) and you can check your activation status (all that is needed is your account PIN and the activation request number).
And there is always the option of signing up for more extras!
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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

48th New York Film Festival

The 48th New York Film Festival is scheduled to take place from September 24th to October 10th.

Since 1963, The New York Film Festival has continued to bring new and important cinematic works by filmmakers from around the world. The 17-day festival includes the Main Slate selections along with special events, panel discussions, the experimental film showcase, Views from the Avant-Garde, and much more.
For further information you can visit the official web site of the Festival:

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Preventing and healing - Athlete's Foot

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of goviral. All opinions are 100% mine.

Every time you are in your bathroom while wearing no footwear at all or at the locker room wearing your shoes and you feel your toes all sweaty and hot, then, you might probably develop foot fungus problems. One of them is called the Athlete's foot. It is considered to be more painful and it can appear as a red rash or blisters on the bottom of the feet. This specific infection might be considered as more dangerous as the it can move to other parts of the body, i.e. the face. It can be prevented if someone follows a few simple rules and it can be healed, if it appears, with Lamisil.
By wearing shower shoes, like flip-flops in the bathroom someone can prevent this specific type of infection. Most commonly this type of shoes is required at college living areas or at the gym. Also, they can be considered as important while traveling and staying at different places or at home.
By wearing water shoes someone can prevent foot fungus while at the same time shields the feet from outdoor dangers while enjoying outdoor water activities such as fishing.
On the other hand, if someone gets infected by this kind of fungus then the right solution is to use Lamisil for healing.

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Online Marketing and Social Media Strategies for Travel Summit

The Online Marketing and Social Media Strategies for Travel Summit will take place from October 5th to October 6th, 2010, at the Andel's Hotel in Prague.
It is scheduled to cover the following areas:
  • Social Media Strategy 2.0 – Prepare Your Business for The Next Level
  • Drive Engagement via Mobile – Get the Facts You Need on How Fast Mobile in Travel is Evolving
  • Learn How to Create the Perfect Travel Website – Inspire, Engage and Convert
  • Hear Key Strategies to Reach New European Customer Segments Online
  • Measure the Real ROI of Your Online Marketing Initiatives – Ensure You’re Not Wasting Valuable Marketing Cents Down the Drain
  • Essential Search Update – Understand How to Get the Juice You Need to Succeed
  • Analyse How to Tap the Opportunities of the New Real-time, Location enabled Web
  • Facebook & Twitter – Hear How to Get the Most Out of the Social Media Giants
For further information you can visit the official web site.

Friday, September 3, 2010

hCG diet

What is the hCG diet? It is a combination of a low calorie diet with the hCG treatment. On the other hand, despite the fact that someone can lose weight on a low calorie diet it is considered as not safe to follow such a diet. Some people manage to lose a lot of fat and weight, but their muscle become almost non-existent). But if you know about the hCG protocol, you can do everything the right way and you want have to rebuild from the ground up.
What is the benefit of this hCG treatment? Well, as it is mentioned on the website, it prevents muscle from becoming non-existent and at the same time reduces all side effects. At the same time, this specific treatment performs also as an appetite reducer, keeping you from eating candies, sweets and other junk food.
As it is mentioned in some independent studies this specific treatment (hCG) can successfully lead to fat and weight loss.
To verify this, on the website, someone who is interested in receiving further information, can see the before and after photos, to make sure that hCG works effectively. As reported on the site, there are many people following the hCG diet nowadays; they follow the plan achieving great success.
Moreover, on the website someone can find information on how hCG works, the hCG diet, the hCG protein, before and after photos (as mentioned above), testimonials, costs, how to buy hCG, information on the oral, the injectable and the homeopathic hCG and many more.
In addition to the above, some motivational quotes are mentioned, such as: “keep eating healthy well beyond your hCG cycle and feel fit forever” and “sublingual hCG drops are 95% effective and easier to administer than injections!”
Visit the website to find out how it works today.