Friday, June 1, 2012

A revolutionary new product

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As we are all trying to connect with people with whom we share common interests or background, the Gene Ring™is here to help us.

What is the Gene Ring™? It is a brand new product that helps us define a new era in DNA history. It is the new, and affordable, way to see our genetic profile and compare to people we want around the world.

It is more like a personal fingerprint where the markers and their position represent the unique values of each DNA.  Moreover, it gives the opportunity to compare it with other people’s DNA and find the population we most closely match.

It should be mentioned that ConnectMyDNA™ contracts exclusively with one of the world’s leading DNA testing facilities located in the USA. How does it work? ConnectMyDNA™ provides us with a Gene Ring™ and the populations with which we share the most similarity. ConnectMyDNA™

Interesting, right? And there is more: You can try this out for yourself with a discount code: IZEA290512. This discount code gives you the opportunity to try it at a reduced price down to $29.00.

Definitely, it would be very interesting to find to which population around the world we have the most similarities. We might be really surprised by the results. We might end up being similar to populations that live in the Far East!

It must be clarified that only serial numbers are used to track your order, not your name and that no sensitive information is provided by the ring.

We would like to read your comments on this revolutionary product.

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