Thursday, May 31, 2012

Improving related backlinks

What you need to do in order to improve related backlinks is to exploit the article system. How? By creating various article pages with a backlink to your website or a number of different websites if you prefer. The vast majority of article directories will allow you to insert three different hyperlinks in the resource area of an article submission form. This way, by writing articles and submitting them to different directories, you will have three backlinks per published article. And do not forget that one article is expandable. 

To give you an example: if you solely submit an article to 150 article directories, in six days you can have twice as many backlinks from this article. Why can this happen? Well, the reason is very simple: article directories are visited not only by article publishers, but also from site owners that are desperately looking for new and fresh content. The site owners are able to reprint or publish your article, together with your permission, on their web site under the condition that they keep article intact, and of course with the backlinks to your sites. Moreover, it should be mentioned that in the majority of cases the theme of the article will be relevant to the theme of the web site. And this leads us to relevant backlinks.

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