Wednesday, March 17, 2010


A necessary item for any handbag is: eyeglasses. Not only because they make us look good, but mainly because of health related issues.

An interesting site for eyeglasses of a wide range is Zenni Optical. In Zenni Optical they sell only their own manufactured brand. Their e- shop is very easy to surf because all new arrivals are categorized therefore easy to track.
When it comes to value-for-money eyeglasses, Zenni Optical has the answer: someone can find prescription glasses from $8.
Sounds too good to be true;
but then again you can visit the site. An interesting and analytical article on Zenni Optical eyeglasses is the following: ( ); it is really helpful to understand a lot of things, such as why Zenni Optical eyeglasses can offer great quality at low prices. As it is mentioned in the above article:

“…The way Zenni is able to offer their eyeglasses for so cheap is that they are manufactured overseas at a lab in China (though the quality is just as good as anything bought here)…»
In Zenni Optical e-shop you can find helpful information on different value eyeglasses, information on different eyeglasses categories such as memory titanium, stainless steel, etc. And do not forget: Anti Scratch coating, UV protection, and Lens Edge polishing and Beveling are free!

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