Friday, March 26, 2010


A certified nursing assistant (CNA) is someone who helps patients with their health care needs for daily living and beside care too. They work under a registered nurse (RN) or a licensed practical nurse (LPN). A nursing assistant is incredibly important to the daily workings of the medical community. However, they cannot do any tasks which may require deeper qualifications. If a CNA attempted to do any of these tasks the legality and liability would be breached. CNAs must complete a brief certification program which enables them to carry out the required tasks by giving them the knowledge and hands on experience in a medical setting.
The nurse may be responsible for many tasks that keep the work place a high stress environment and as a result of the number of tasks they are responsible for, they cannot spend too much time directly interacting with patients. A CNA must be very patient and understanding because in most circumstances they are dealing with elderly or very sick patients who are not always in the best mental or physical state. As we know cna training information is available on the Internet.
the work load is very high for a CNA and he or she must have the personality to remain very calm in highly stressful situations along with carrying out guidelines when it comes to routine medical procedures. They also must have proper bedside manner to make the patients as comfortable as possible during their time period of required care.

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