Friday, November 6, 2009

Make money from blogging - Part two

As discussed in a previous post, there are several ways to make money while blogging. In this post another provider of paid to blog opportunities will be presented.
The main requirements for a blog to be approved are the following:
Blogs must be in English, original blog content, blogs must be live for a minimum of 90 days, at least twenty (20) pre-existing posts, Alexa less than 2.000.000. If your blog isn’t approved, you get a rejection message containing the reason.
It pays directly into your PayPal account on the first day of each month and there are even opportunities to get bonuses. For example, if the total unpaid earnings reached $100 during November they would send a payment on December 1st. If the total unpaid earnings haven't yet reached $100, they'll roll over to the next month and accrue until they meet the $100 threshold.
On the website there are many areas of information covered, such as: open opportunities, my blogs, my posts, direct, my account and my finances. When you click on the opportunities (after having your blog approved) you can see several options: opportunities available to you, Opportunity is Available to You - Highlighted Opportunity Paid By Advertiser, Featured Opportunity is Available to You, Opportunity is Available to You, but All Posts Fully Reserved and Opportunity is Not Available to You.
Moreover there are the options of qualified opportunities and direct.
What is direct? Direct is a way for bloggers to monetize their blog outside the Marketplace. By installing the Direct Code and placing the Direct Badge onto their site, a blogger is able to negotiate directly with advertisers on price and scope.
There is also the option of contacting the administrator if you have a question, suggestion, criticism or just want to say "Hello"!.
A blog also exists with all the necessary information.
Please remember to enlist your blog to Dmoz directory.

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