Friday, September 25, 2009

Samsung LN52B750 LCD HDTV

by Mitchel Favier
If you have been perusing down HDTV lane at your local electronics store, you probably have noticed Samsung's LN52B750 HDTV. It's hard not to notice something this big! When I first saw the TV, it reminded me of a giant computer monitor. It's super slim like a monitor. Some computer geek will probably figure out a way to connect his pc to this TV and have web conferences with his gaming buddies. Enough said on that topic!

What really makes the LN52B stand out is
the clarity of the picture. If you want to get technical, the full HD 1080p resolution makes the picture life like. I know that all the technical stuff sometimes does not make a difference because each manufacture has proprietary technology that makes their picture unique. I used to be a Sony only person. I would fight to death to tell you that Sony has the best picture quality. Now, I am a fighting man for Samsung. I have been using Samsung computer monitors for years and that same technology has been carried over to their HDTVs. Hands down, the LN52B750 has the sharpest picture in the $2000 price range.

Some people are paying $200-$300 to have the TV professionally calibrated. Skip the expensive option and calibrate it yourself. Rent a calibration disc like Digital Video Essentials or Avia II. Hook up your DVD or Blu-ray player and run the disc to adjust the settings before you try watching cable or satellite TV. This will save you the the shock of 1980's image quality when you switch on the TV and everything looks hazy ( because the factory settings are distorting the image). There are a lot forums such to assist you in calibrating the TV. I like to visit

Calibrating a TV is no big deal. You want the best picture right? Connect the dots and you will be watching the most glorious picture ever!

If you are looking to score a deal on the LN52B750, scan the net for open box deals. These are perfectly new TVs that have been opened. they come with a full warranty, manuals, etc. Most often, they are packed in a new box too. I buy almost all my electronics, appliances, and anything that is expensive "open box". With the LN52B750, you will probably save $1000!

I give this TV a 5 star rating. ***** You will not be disappointed when this TV arrives and is installed.

This TV connects beautifully to a networked Blu-ray player. It is unbelievable watching streaming movies on a 52 inch TV. The best wireless networked BD player is the LG B390 Blu-ray player.

About the Author

Mitchel Favier has worked in the electronics industry for years. Currently, he is a self employed web designer and can found playing with his kids mid-afternoon. If you are looking to score the biggest deal on the Samsung LN52B750, visit his LN52B750 Review/Deals.

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