Saturday, September 26, 2009

Canon Powershot SX110 IS Digital Camera - Reinventing the Ways Of Photography

by Monty Alexander
The latest addition to Canon's kitty of digital cameras is the new Canon Powershot SX110. This dazzling and stupendous camera model is already catching eyeballs for its high portability and excellent performance. It boasts of having a great price and performance ratio. Online shopping is the best way to get access to this excellent digital performer.
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Canon Powershot SX110 IS Digital Camera has been designed, keeping in mind the demand of people who want something extra with their digicams. It offers a bit of difference to consumers to deliver an exceptional photography experience. This Canon digital camera model offers you the compact ultra zoom so as to have a long lens performance in a compact body. This is considered the hottest segment of this powershot camera. This Canon digital camera model is also known as the 'family camera' which is exclusively designed for easy use. The camera model by Canon is equipped with enough versatility that attracts even the most adventurous photographers. This camera offers you a commendable zooming capacity with the help of its 10x zoom. You can capture the far placed object with an equal definition and clarity. It would be hard for you to make out the range at which the snapped object was placed in the final prints.

You can bet on achieving exceptional picture clarity with this distinguished camera featuring a 9.0 megapixel resolution. This camera is filled with complete range of manual exposure options along with other attributes which are sufficient to lure many an experienced photographer to grab this remarkable camera. Talking about its usability, it has a large and bright LCD display of 3.0inch along with user-friendly interface.

This Canon digital camera weighs just 300g which is lightweight and portable. This makes it a good companion for your trips and can be packed in a belt pouch. It is equipped with AA batteries that once charged, last for long, to deliver you better photographing opportunities. The buttons are placed well and the menu is quite easy to navigate. Adding the cherry to the pie, it has a wide range of shutter speeds with superb manual focus. Additionally, it keeps your pictures free from red eye formation and improves their detailing with the help of motion detection technology.

This Digital Camera is easily available at any camera shop. You can also go for online shopping if you want to get a good price. If you are buying the Canon Powershot SX110 from a camera shop, do check out the warranty offered by the shopkeeper.

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