Thursday, December 20, 2012

SMS Gratis: the New App to send FREE SMS

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of A-Tono. All opinions are 100% mine.

SMS Gratis, the New App to send FREE SMS from the iPhone, iPod, iPad irrespective of the type of the phone and without any registration or installation!

This New App enables you to send REAL TEXT messages to all contacts in your address book and not only: add any number you want and send the message! Download iTunes

Save money by trying it and start sending SMS for free, no strings attached. The specifications of the App are as follows:

- Send SMS free.Download iTunes

- Distribution lists.

- Customized sender.

- Anonymous SMS.

- You don’t have to add contact, you can use your address book.

- No Limitation. You can send all SMS Gratis that you want.

- Send messages to everyone, everywhere. SMS Gratis helps you to reach your friends!

The credit balance can be checked via "Settings" -> "Available credits".

And there is more: the user can earn free credits in various ways including promotions set by the Magic Clock and special areas like "I have free time!"

What is the Magic Clock? It is the promotional core of SMS Gratis.

And how does it work?

1) go to I'm feeling lucky

2) wait for the clock to go around at least once (perhaps you can read some news)

3) when there is a number greater than 0 inside the clock, click on a banner inside I'm feeling lucky (the banners are the colored ones)

You must be very careful not to click the banners when there is a negative number inside the clock! Download Android

When you download the advertised apps and open them at least once you get the "I have time to waste" section credits simply.

Interesting, right?

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