Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Web 2.0

Internet has become a big source of communication and with the advent of technological innovations knowledge sharing became easier. It increased the reach of common man to a vast knowledge base just with the click of the mouse. Previously it was one way communication but with web 2.0 technology its two way communication. Web 2.0 helps in networking, finding solutions to problems, share our ideas and views by means of blog and help in selling better. We can put our ideas and get feedback's, this lets us know the strength of our idea and lets us know loop holes and make corrections before we try them on-field.
People benefit a lot by means of social networking and they get to know each other better. They can share their ideas and views and even comment on other view points. With web 2.0 they can share common problems and solutions. A new employee who is not familiar with the new technical environment adjusts and learns by going through the company's website where other employees have shared solutions. It has reduced costs incurred in sales by companies. All companies whether big or small spends a big chunk on sales. Now they can talk to their interested customers by means of video conferencing and show them their product. This reduces the cost incurred in traveling. When the client is interested in making a deal the sales representative can reach and close the deal. Customers can know about the product they are buying from the available feedback's.
Web 2.0 has definitely utilized all resources and has made all information available to the common mass. We can increase our reach and get heard. Communication flows faster reducing grapevine. The new learning environment improves productivity of employees there by improving performance of the company and creates a healthy work environment.

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