Monday, January 11, 2010

Upgrading from Windows Vista to Windows 7

Did you get the news? The brand new version of Microsoft operating system, named Windows 7 is here.
Windows 7 is pulsating and it integrates almost every feature which you need. What is left now?
But how do you upgrade Windows Vista (information on upgrading to Windows Vista, system requirements can be found here) to Windows 7?
Here is the procedure, analytically:
If you are using
  • Windows Vista Home Premium, it can be easily upgraded to Windows 7
  • Home Premium Windows Vista Business, it can be easily upgraded to Windows 7
  • Professional Windows Vista Ultimate, it can be easily upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate
If a windows Vista user is upgrading installation of his/her operating system, the base language must be in the coherence with the targeted Windows 7 language.
You must have 9 GB of free space in your PC for installation.
Another must for this upgrade is "a tab on operating system partition", as it should be supported by Windows Vista as well as Windows 7
If you are heading for clean installation, you must have 16GB in your PC for installation process.
In a case when you are upgrading from 32-bit version to 64-bit version, you must perform a clean installation.
If you want to be upgraded to a more premium version of Windows 7, you must buy a upgrade key. This w ill aid you in unlocking numbers of additional feature, which can be proved very important for you, as some of these special features are considered USP of Windows 7.
Though every edition of Windows 7 is a super set of its last versions, probability is less you would be missing any feature of your last operating system.
While upgrading your Windows Vista operating system into Windows 7 operating system, you must take a note of terms and conditions and privacy policy implemented by Microsoft.
Microsoft has offered a free version of Windows 7 for those who have bought a Windows Vista enabled computer between a certain time period, from 1st of July 09 to 31st of January 2010.

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